Introduction by The Rector

University of Bydgoszcz is a private higher education institution that has been established in 2004 in accordance with the permission of Ministry of Science and Higher Education (doc. No. MEN-DSW-3-4001-731/JG/04).

Choosing to take up study is a major investment for our students and their future personal career. We understand the many various reasons why people undertake efforts towards improving their skills and raising level of their knowledge that is a major stimulant for creating of our learning environment, infrastructure and reputation. Students are part of our community and working together with our staff to achieve successful future and satisfaction to their professional and personal lives. We are passionate about the contribution students make to our society. Study in our University can offer the opportunity to develop new professional skills or even change career path. Our University provides a range of services to support disabled students (alternative examination arrangements, adapted infrastructure – elevator, wide corridors, adapted rooms) and we are aware of their individual requirements.

We have very friendly and skilled tutors and lecturers who are passionate about the subjects they teach. Employers are seeking graduates who have not only a high level of professional knowledge and skills but also social skills, confidence and personal accomplishments to support their activity in the field of future workplaces therefore we support sport and recreational activity also in our own facility named Bachorze placed not far away from Bydgoszcz city in beautiful region among forests and lakes.

One of the major objectives of our efforts is to develop international co-operation with famous universities and colleges in the fields of education and research as well as establish mutual programs and projects. We want to give our and foreign students more possibility and opportunity for their personal development and professional satisfaction. Therefore our ambitious internationalisation program was launched at the beginning of 2007. Our students can have confidence in the quality of our courses – our success is demonstrated by the success of our graduates.

Modern facilities

From the first year of our activity strong emphasis was placed on teaching quality and modern facilities that create friendly environment for our students and staff. University has own building at Unia Lubelska Street with floor space of 3000 square meters and the next building at Kosciuszki Street with floor space of 2000 square meters. The University has the following facilities:

  • amphitheatre hall for 360 people,
  • 4 lecture halls for 160 people each,
  • classrooms,
  • chemical and physical laboratories,
  • classrooms for language teaching,
  • library with reading room,
  • staff and administration offices,
  • service area includes bar, Internet kiosks, photocopying room, bookstore,
  • audio visual appliances in all lecture halls,
  • 3 laboratories.

Buildings are equipped with central air conditioning systems and broadband network with access to the Internet. All buildings are adapted for disabled students (special elevators, wheelchair ramps, wide corridors). Our parking facility offer above 300 places for our students, staff and visitors free of charge. University is situated close to the city centre near the Central Railway Station. Safety is guaranted by security agency Micros. All facilities are monitored using advanced security system.

Advanced IT network facilities

Our information system and wireless network with access to the Internet is available free for our staff and students. This system enable students to study more effectively and efficiently. Specialist staff can provide advice about almost all aspects of the research and learning processes required computational phase. Students have open access to the Internet kiosks and computer labs with a wide range of standard and specialist application software. Student Information System (SIS) is based on extranet network with remote accessability to library and vital information materials. Each student has own email account. We provide all the popular wordprocessing, database, presentation, spreadsheets and multimedia packages. Students have access to 5 computer rooms and University network.

Recreation and leisure

University has own sport and recreational centre “Rehabilitation and Recreation – Nature”. Centre is placed in beautiful are at the lakeside – Charzykowskie Lake and is equipped with quads and swimming equipment (kayaks, sailboats, windsurfing) and has own small hotel and restaurant.


We design our courses in consultation with people working in the industry and institutions and regularly update content of our courses according real trends in the market. We continually monitor our courses to ensure they are innovative and relevant. We offer our students choice and flexibility, so they can tailor their study to suit their interests. For many of our postgraduate courses students can use their freshly acquired experience and knowledge in the workplaces. We offer educational programme on full-time and part-time basis and post graduate studies and vocational trainings. All of them give our students a high level of flexibility.

Bachelor’s Degree


  • Administration of environment protection
  • Control and internal audit
  • Economic administration
  • Administration of public security
  • Public administration
  • Administration of the judiciary
  • Organization and management in administration
  • European administration
  • Financial administration and advice

Public health

  • Hygiene and epidemiology
  • Management & Promotion of the Healthy Lifestyle (Wellness)
  • Organisation and Management in Social Care System
  • Management in Palliative & Geriatric Care
  • Psychic Health & Psychotherapy of Addicted People
  • Health insurance and contracting of health services


  • Pedagogy of culture – manager of cultural events
  • Geriatric pedagogy
  • Movement therapy with corrective exercises
  • Special pedagogy
  • Resocialization pedagogy and prevention of addictions
  • Care and educational pedagogy with pedagogical therapy
  • Early education and preschool pedagogy

National Security


Digital Marketing



  • Dermatological Cosmetology
  • Health Care Cosmetology

Human Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Dietetics in Sport and Biological Regeneration
  • Dietetics and Nutrition Therapy

Engineering Degree

Building Engineering

  • Highway Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Technology and Organization

Production management & engineering

  • Production Processes Engineering
  • Renewable Energy Engineering


  • Logistics & Transport Engineering
  • Military Logistics
  • Business Logistics
  • Logistic Operator

Master’s Degree

  • Physiotherapy
  • National security
  • Human nutrition and dietetics
  • Logistics
  • Cosmetology
  • Building Engineering, Production Management & Engineering
  • Public Health


(1 year degrees, two semesters)

For those who have good Bachelors or Master degree.

  • Dietetics and human nutrition
  • Dietetics in internal and metabolic diseases
  • Management of food quality & safety
  • The modern manager in the healthcare system
  • Career counseling and employment agency
  • Information and Communication Technologies in School Pedagogy
  • Preschool pedagogy with therapy of developmental disorders
  • Therapeutic pedagogy with art therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Diagnosis of faulty posture with elements of corrective gymnastics
  • Organization of social care
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Dermatology in cosmetology
  • Cosmetic podiatry with rehabilitation
  • Hygiene and epidemiology
  • Safety management in state and local government
  • Audit management in departments of public finance
  • Management of logistics systems and transport
  • Organization and management in administration
  • Organization of the office work
  • Archiving and protection of secret information
  • Customs Administration
  • Organization and management in the European Union institutions
  • Engineering of renewable energy sources
  • Logistics in uniformed services
  • International logistics


Library is a part of our Centre of Information & Knowledge Management – one of the most important element of University’s educational structure. Our library house many books and journals and provide electronic services include bibliographic index, text databases and electronic journals. Most electronic information resources are available at any time and any place, 24 hours a day. Our staff can help students find information they need and provide open training, for example “Mastering web searching” or “How to use and assess information from various sources”. Our library and CIKM serve the educational and informational needs and demands not only our students and staff and have open public character. Information technology is used in the development new information dissemination network with easy and quick access to our and resources and data and information via the Internet. We have signed cooperation agreements with many libraries.

University’s Publishing House

UPH was founded in 2006. The main objectives are as follows:

  • editorial work on preparation and release of publications, handbooks and monographs,
  • release of promotional and advertising materials,
  • preparation and release of “Academic Gazette” (monthly magazine shows current matters and news about student life and University,
  • cooperation with other publishing houses and distributors,
  • publishing of translation of books written by foreign authors,
  • participation in book fairs in Poland,
  • publishing of books written by foreign authors.

Our staff

Among the teachers are both researchers as well as professionals from various spheres of public and business life. Classes are taught by experts with teaching experience and research staff of universities with extensive practical experience. In addition to our own staff we employ academic teachers recruited from universities and institutions such as:

  • University of Lodz
  • University of Warsaw
  • Medical University of Lodz
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Centre for Health Technology
  • The National Health Fund

and high-class professionals with teaching experience from:

  • Tax Chambers
  • Banks and brokerage houses
  • Business tax and legal advice offices and agencies
  • offices of state administration and local government

Our mission and strategy

The mission of the University of Bydgoszcz is the education and training of high skilled professionals in line with the growing needs of the developing economy in the country and Europe.

Our mission is to be the student-friendly school offering modern education at the highest quality.

We want to create the University which by high performance quality fully satisfied with our students, learners and staff.

Our mission is to promote transfer and application of knowledge in the fields of our interest.

  • Ongoing investment in high quality modern teaching and learning facilities.
  • Developing new courses to meet new industry needs.
  • Expanding collaboration with foreign partners.
  • Attracting more postgraduate students.
  • Widening participation in mutual projects and programmes with external partners.
  • Building an environment supportive to internationalization.
  • Engaging in exchange programmes.
  • Ongoing development of University’s identity by promoting the University in the industrial and public administration sectors.

Organisational Structure




Włodzimierz Majewski, Associate Prof.


Vice-rector for education

Magdalena Hagner-Derengowska, Associate Prof.



Tomasz Makowski, Msc


  • Building Engineering
  • Pedagogy
  • National Security
  • Public Health
  • Production Management & Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cosmetology
  • Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Professional Learning & Certification Centre „Edukator”
  • Scientific Information & Knowledge Management Centre
  • Foreign Cooperation Office
  • Career & Employability Office
  • University Publishing House
  • Open University
  • Library

International cooperation

By accelerating implementation of the internationalization of higher education institutions and establishing cooperation with universities and foreign companies, students will have the opportunity to continue their education and apprenticeship abroad. Extended language program will help students in their endeavors. Office for Strategic International Cooperation coordinates and develops cooperation with many foreign universities, mainly from the UK, Belgium, Scandinavia and the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. International Summer University – School of Business in Wolsburg was already completed by several students of our University. attended by students from several countries.

Lectures on „Aspects of International Business” were provided by guest speakers and lecturers from the University of South Dakota (USA). As part of the European Integration few students went to Brussels for the International Conference dedicated to the social problems of the Member States of the EU. The purpose of the meeting were representatives of the Community programs in the extension of the common issues of social solidarity and advisory services. Students also held a seminar at the headquarters of CESI. As part of the scholarship of „BA” Statliche Studienakademie Glauchau our students participated in a series of classes on accounting, presentation techniques, logistics, service and management techniques. Students participated in the work group on the development of the individual thematic elements that were presented at the forum. The ambitious goal is to run the internationalization of the university relies on preparation for admission to graduate candidates from other countries. One element of this program is the „International Family Accomodation Programme (IFAP)”, according to which foreign students will be accommodated for a study period in Bydgoszcz families, with whom the university signed appropriate agreements. With IFAP students will be able to directly learn about the culture and life in our country. Our University participated in three Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Programme where was a leader in two of them (innovative education programmes designed by University of Bydgoszcz under cooperation between three faculties (Logistics, Building Engineering and Production Engineering and Management) have been transferred to the other European countries.

  • Logistic Management in Renewable Energy Sector (e-learning module + textbook)
  • Energy Efficient Renovation of Old and Historic Buildings (e-learning module + textbook)


Bydgoska Szkoła Wyższa /University of Bydgoszcz/ has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the Erasmus+ programme 2014-2020.  This document presents our core strategy in relation to Erasmus+ actions sets out by our institution.

Participation in Erasmus+ actions is an important activity that supports EU Modernisation and Internationalisation Agenda for Higher Education and it is integral part of our strategies and aspiration. We are sure that Higher Education plays an important role in intellectual and cultural development of all countries and various economic sectors. Creation of good and intensive collaboration in the fields of research and high quality teaching is crucial for academic culture of all not only higher education institutions and very important for economic and social growth.

Mentioned above values are expressed in our international strategy and approach to our international engagement. Our partnerships in various participating countries enhance and facilitate staff and student mobility, student recruitment, development modern teaching methods and very important collaborative research and development new unique study programmes.
All partnerships are a core part in our strategic goals regarding teaching and research. We established a set of criteria and guidance to ensure quality and monitoring of international collaboration conducted under Erasmus+ programme (especially in the fields of staff and student mobility, strategic partnership and collaboration for innovation and good practice).
Our partnerships are the result of mutual commitment and benefits from the relationships. We develop multi-dimensional and strategic partnerships not only with higher education but also other training and teaching institutions, that enhance development of new opportunities. Our geographical priorities are all European countries and Middle East but we are open for new and unique collaboration opportunities with partnership institutions from other regions (non-participating countries).
Through the interaction of our departments and International Collaboration Office we encourage development of various educational initiatives and projects, disseminating information about projects realized under Erasmus+ programme and promoting all aspects of international collaboration. We actively disseminate information about carrying out projects and their outcomes as well as our international collaboration across various institutions and local and international communities.
Considering our educational activity model (part-time model) the student mobility is an element of our international cooperation priority. The development of modern teaching methods and very important collaborative research and development new unique study programmes, courses or trainings are our core objectives for international collaboration. Based on our previous experiences mentioned above actions are our priorities under current Erasmus+ programme.
Mobility and participation of academic staff and students in realization of international educational and training projects are our priority for partnership relationship support of collaborative projects, professional training and programmes development. In this context we continuously explore co-operation opportunities with partners from countries participating and non-participating in Erasmus+ programme.  We recognize the importance of monitoring and evaluation of each project progress and outcomes for improving our future practice and strategy.
Our participation in the Erasmus+ Programme has an serious impact on our educational and policy objectives:

  • International co-operation projects diversifies our funding sources for education.
  • Linking BSW with other educational and training institutions as well as businesses increasing application of knowledge and expertise across European countries (mutual creation and dissemination of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills that are necessary for students and employees.
  • Improving and shifting our educational quality to the higher level by collaborative partnerships with various organisations and institution across European countries.
  • Participation in the Erasmus+ Programme gives us opportunity of further strengthening our alliances with European institutions and industries.
  • The Erasmus+ Programme serves an important support in providing continuous improvement of students and staff mobility and participation in various initiative and projects.
  • The Programme gives us opportunity to improve governance and funding that is crucial for the range of our activities and priorities.

Signed by Włodzimierz Majewski, Assoc.Prof.
Rector of the Bydgoska Szkoła Wyższa

Bydgoszcz City

Bydgoszcz is the capital city of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province and is the key junction of the E-70 international water route including rivers connecting Eastern and Western Europe. Situated between forests and lakes Bydgoszcz is excellent gateway to an exciting range of outdoor pursuits. City is placed in the north-central part of Poland and have above 360 thousands of inhabitants. The city is an important economic and cultural centre. Companies operating in different sectors, but particularly in tele­communication, chemical, plastic processing, food, logistics and renewable energy industries. Also Bydgoszcz with near 30 banks is a key financial centre of Poland.

Forest Culture and Leisure Park (The Polish Fauna Garden, The Botanical Garden, Horse Leisure Centre) is located in the northern part of the city. Its attractiveness includes the vast area, diversified terrain, richness of nature and a wide range of leisure facilities. Horse Leisure Centre was established in 1982 and includes hippodrome, paddocks, horse runs and a carriage house. The citizens of Bydgoszcz proudly participate in many cultural and sport events such as music festivals, European Junior Championship, World Youth Championship and many others. Bydgoszcz has International Airport with connections to Warsaw, London, Birmingham, Dublin, Glassgow, Dusseldorf. Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park is one of the largest business parks in Poland, placed on 286 hectares. This is a very good investment area with good transport connections. The Special Economic Zone offers good investment opportunity for doing business.


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